Katja Hoffmann Wildner

Pod spódnica babci / Among grandmotherís skirt  14th to 16th August 2007, Przysucha / Poland


We wear our themes directly on our bodies and with it we made ourselves the support of the art. Our bodies emphasized different levels: The head as the intellectual level, the feet as the decisional level, the back as the uncontrollable level, and the heart.
To be able to transport our works, we sewed bags. On August 13th we took the train through Warszawa to Przysucha. Przysucha is a place with ca. 44.000 residents and is located ca. 100 km south of Warszawa. It is one of those disregarded places in Poland both economically as well as culturally. We went into exactly those conditions as we situated us and our works within these conditions.
In the 19th century Simcha Bunem, a Chassidic Zaddik was living there. We went to the places, where we could feel his gone presence and saw the neglects. These interventions changed the relation to the conditions.
The question most asked by the residents was: ďWhy on earth in Przysucha?Ē

Sponsored by the Bureau of Culture and Historical Registry Dresden

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