Katja Hoffmann Wildner

My grandmother’s house is big, but mine isn’t. Krakow / Plaszow / Polen / 2007-02-08


The wooden box, which we built, was portable enough, to take it along on a journey. It offered shelter to our works, out of which we could unseal them at specific times and places. Like this we made our journey to Krakow/Plaszow. Plaszow is a town in the Southeast of Krakow, especially known as a forced labor camp from the Nazis. On a walk in September 2006, we came to this area and were touched strangely by this place not knowing anything about it’s history. We discovered Jewish tomb stones and a sign, which gave notice to the history. What would happen, if the place, which touched us, would get in contact with our work?

On February 8th, 2007 we went with our wooden box in Krakow from Kazimierz over the Weichsel (river) through Podgorze to Mrs. Koszela, by whom we stayed the year before. After having a cup of coffee and some cake, we took our way to Plaszow, to the place we wanted to hand over our works for some time.

Family Portrait, 2007
varnish, permanent marker, adhesive tape, plastic foam
550 cm long, flexible

Yuka Origasa: Relinquish, since September 2006
Oil pastels, lacquer on paper
5 x 2100 cm

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